Carla Schubert Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research: Critical Research Support

Carla Schubert, Researcher III, Department of Population Health Sciences

Schubert, who joined the EpiSense Group in 1998, was key to the 2004 launch of the Beaver Dam Offspring Study, an ongoing longitudinal study with thousands of participants that aims to understand how the senses and the brain age together over time. Her seminal contributions to another large ongoing study, the Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study, are equally heralded.

Schubert has been integral to an astounding 74 peer-reviewed publications, including 21 as first author. She is internationally recognized as a leading expert on the epidemiology of olfactory impairment.

More recently, Schubert has made novel contributions in the study of human exposure to common neurotoxins, a complex field with implications for public health interventions.

“Carla functions as a true colleague and collaborator, generating new hypotheses and directions for our research, publishing important papers and writing major sections of the grants that support our work.”

— Karen J Cruickshanks, professor emerita, founder of EpiSense Group