SHOW Updates: COVID-19 Project

COVID-19 Survey

SHOW is planning a COVID-19 longitudinal study to track and characterize how this pandemic will impact the social determinants of health. The SHOW team will reach out to any past participants who consented to future contact and request their voluntary participation. First, we provide a brief informational newsletter, including facts from the WHO and the CDC on viral transmission, as well as available financial, emotional, and physical health resources in Wisconsin. Next, participants will receive an individual online survey link to establish current or baseline measures and two subsequent follow-up surveys over the course of this year.
Thank you to all who have provided valuable insight on topic areas and questions thus far. We aim to incorporate as much as we can, without overburdening participants. Our goal is to start data collection early May. We will keep you posted with estimates on data availability!

If you’re interested in future involvement, please reach out to

2020 Longitudinal Follow-up

Given the current situation, the SHOW core longitudinal follow-up is now postponed until later this year. We are focusing our efforts on this new COVID-19 project. As we develop a new schedule for the core fieldwork, we will inform you of the proposed timeline.

Please direct any questions to