What types of research have students pursued in each degree program?

Master of Science in Population Health and Doctorate in Philosophy in Population Health) are academic graduate degrees and require a thesis for the master’s degree or a dissertation for the doctorate degree. The following listing is not exhaustive of all the possible opportunities/options:

Master of Science in Population Health – Here is a sampling of past thesis topics:

  • Marital Status, Marital Quality and Health and Well-Being in Cancer Survivors: A Proposal for a Master’s Thesis Project
  • Determination of optimal cut points for anthropometric indexes of obesity to identify individuals at high risk of coronary heart disease in a sample of Latin American populations.
  • Physician Self -Assessment of Medical Error: Variation In and Predictors of Future Error in Primary Care
  • Evaluating Disparities in the Clinical Trial Participation of Adult Cancer Patients
  • Estimating the Risk of Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy in 18-44 year old women
  • Effect of Vitamin D and Vitamin D Processing Genes with Blood Pressure in Hispanic and African Americans: the IRAS Family Study
  • Condom Use in Heavy-Drinking College Students
  • Estimating the frequency and distribution of child disability in developing countries: data from UNICEF’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, Round 3 (MICS3)
  • Modeling Probability of Falls in Nursing Home Residents
  • Predictors of Early Hospital Readmission after Colon Cancer Surgery

Doctorate in Philosophy in Population Health – Here is a sampling of past dissertation topics:

  • A Framework for Conceptualizing and Measuring Health Inequality Sensitive to Relative Moral and Quantitative Concerns
  • Out-of-pocket Price, Prescription Medications, and Seniors
  • The Economic Burden of HPV-Related Disease in U.S. Health Plans
  • Quantifying the Benefits and Risks of Mammography for Women, Researchers and Policy Makers
  • Access to level I or II trauma center and traffic related injury outcomes
  • Epidemiology of Bone Mineral Density in Pre-menopausal Women with Type I Diabetes: The Wisconsin Women and Diabetes Study
  • Acculturation and Risk of Alcohol and Tobacco Use among Pregnant Latina-American Women
  • Psychopharmacological demand curve analysis: methods and applications to alcohol use in college students
  • Public Awareness and Perceptions of Health Disparities
  • Nutrition, Mental Health, and Quality of Life of Palestinian Preschoolers: Resilience and Vulnerability

Master of Science in Epidemiology – Here is a sampling of past dissertation topics:

  • Tumor marker influence on Prognostic Pathologic factors for ductal carcinoma in situ of the the breast.
  • Predictors of Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness and Carotid Plaque Score Progression over a decade: The Multiethnic Study of Artheroscleosis.
  • Prevalence and Incidence of Candida Colonization and Co-Colonization.
  • Does including HIV screening on an annual resident chart review increase screening rates among internal medicine trainees in a low prevalence, outpatient setting?

Doctorate in Philosophy in Epidemiology – Here is a sampling of past dissertation topics:

  • Climate Change Impacts on Population Health: Modeling Exposures to Heat and Air Pollution.
  • Hypertension: Drug side effect, treatment adherence, and treatment effects on arterial stiffness.