Fiona Weeks

Credentials: PhD Population Health


Photo of Fiona Weeks

Year Started: 2019

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

What are your areas of interest within population health sciences? I am interested in applying mixed methods to understand and reduce health inequities affecting maternal and child health populations, including both social and healthcare factors that contribute to these disparities.

Interest Statement: I am very fortunate to hold a BA in Sociology and Community Health from Tufts University an MS in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University with a Certificate in Maternal and Child Health. I am currently a Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist for the state of Wisconsin Division of Public Health and also serve as the Principal Investigator for the WI Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. In these roles, I leverage my training in sociology and public health to make meaning of public health data in order to inform programmatic efforts and engage stakeholders in health promotion and health equity building. I have experience using qualitative, demographic, and epidemiological methodologies in academia and public health practice. My doctoral research focuses on experiences of perinatal care (especially childbirth) and how this intersects with social identities and trauma. I am also a pre-doctoral trainee in the Center for Demography and Ecology and Public Service in STEM fellow through WISCIENCE.

Why did you choose UW-Madison for your degree? I chose UW-Madison for my degree because of the cultural of multidisciplinary and translational research.