Emma Svenson

Credentials: PhD Epidemiology

Email: svenson@wisc.edu

Photo of Emma Svenson

Year Started: 2020

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

What are your areas of interest within population health sciences? Broadly, my research interests include zoonotic infectious diseases, and understanding how pathogens interact and evolve with human and animal populations across complex environmental landscapes.

Interest Statement: I am a veterinarian with clinical interest in non-traditional species, currently training as a resident in laboratory animal medicine at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center. I am passionate about improving quality of care and maintaining welfare for all captive animal species, while facilitating translational, inter-professional research to improve global public health. I received my doctorate from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and trained in small animal internal medicine, emergency medicine and surgery through an internship at VCA Veterinary Emergency Service and Veterinary Specialty Center located in Middleton/Madison, Wisconsin. To channel my drive to improve global health, I obtained a Master of Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, studying antibiotic self-medication practices in rural Guatemala.