Erin Nelson Bakkum

Credentials: PhD Population Health


Black and white bucky badger, used as replacement photo for individuals who do not have pictures

Year Started: 2021

Hometown: Spring Green, WI

What are your areas of interest within population health sciences? Disparities in hearing healthcare, hearing loss and cognitive decline

Interest Statement: I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2019 with my clinical doctorate in audiology. I most recently worked as a research scientist for an implantable hearing device company, helping to guide health care professionals in their clinical research. Prior to attending Washington University, I studied musical theatre performance at Viterbo University, and continue to have a great enthusiasm (albeit from the audience) for theatre.

As an audiologist I am motivated to examine population health issues from a hearing perspective. Hearing loss, to a greater extent than other sensory impairments, can have a profound impact on not only the effected individual, but their larger community. I am interested in the relationship between hearing loss and cognition, especially as it relates to our aging population and to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.