Dian Luo

Credentials: PhD Population Health

Email: dluo33@wisc.edu

Photo of Dian Luo

Year Started: 2020

Hometown: Sichuan Province

What are your areas of interest within population health sciences? I am interested in applying mixed methods to understand and reduce health inequities affecting health care access and health outcomes, including social and healthcare factors that contribute to these disparities.

Interest Statement: I am very fortunate to hold a BA in Economics from Southwest University in China and an MPH in health policy from Emory University. I am interested in the relationship between social health insurance and health outcomes. I have experienced using qualitative methods to study how social health insurance affects health disparities, especially urban-rural differences. My current research focuses on health disparities among different races. Therefore, I am exploring how to reduce health disparities among different races through social health insurance.

What experiences in your life led you to study population/public health? China is holding a health care reform in recent years, and universal health insurance plays a significant role in this reform. I have worked for the local government in policy recommendations related to social health insurance expanding. Compared to private health insurance, I find social health insurance covers most people, and therefore it is more important to health outcomes. This experience was my first time to touch public health and then step into it.

Why did you choose UW-Madison for your degree? I chose UW-Madison for my degree because of the culture of the minor-major option and translational research

What do you hope/plan to do with your degree? I hope I can work for the government to conduct some useful health policies to make society better.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? In my leisure time, I like to play video games, especially the league of legends.