Daniel Hekman

Credentials: PhD Epidemiology

Email: djhekman@medicine.wisc.edu

Photo of Daniel Hekman

Year Started: 2019

Hometown: Holland, MI

What are your areas of interest within population health sciences? I have too many and broad interests in different topics to pick just one, so in my research I focus on methodology, data science, and data pipeline management.

Why did you choose UW-Madison for your degree? When you live and are settled in the Madison area, why would you go anywhere else for population health and epidemiology? I grew up in Michigan, but came to Madison for a job in Health IT. I’ve made friends here and UW-Madison is where Population Health started.

What do you hope/plan to do with your degree? Partner with research physicians as a scientist, supporting them with data analysis, data pipelines, and epidemiological study design.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I work as a data analyst for operations and research support in the Berbee Walsh Department of Emergency Medicine here at UW Health. Pre-pandemic, I moonlighted as the bassist in a local pop punk band.