2021 University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute Report

University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (PHI) 2021 Annual Report is available here.  The Annual Report illustrates the ways in which we are challenging the status quo by analyzing the policies and systems that have given advantages to some while creating obstacles to health and well-being for others. Acknowledging these patterns is a step toward imagining a better future for everyone.

Through new projects like Envision we are working with partners to strengthen the capacity of Community Health Workers to create better systems to advance health equity. Longstanding programs like County Health Rankings and Roadmaps are joining with others to shape transformative narratives that can shift the questions we ask, and what we think is possible to achieve.

These are just two examples of the myriad ways the UW Population Health Institute collaborates with partners across the country to tackle unfair, avoidable, and systematic differences in health. We hope this report sparks curiosity and commitment to explore new ways we can work together to ensure everyone, everywhere, has what is needed to thrive.