University of Wisconsin–Madison

David Mallinson

PhD Population Health

Year Started: 2016

Research/interests: Maternal and child health; social epidemiology; health services research; causal inference.

Hometown: Perrysburg, Ohio

Title of thesis/dissertation: Expanded prenatal care services and spillover effects in families: two empirical studies and a proposal of a new method.

Interest Statement: I am a PhD candidate in Population Health Sciences and a predoctoral trainee at UW’s Center for Demography and Ecology. I previously worked as a project assistant for Big Data for Little Kids, a project that synthesizes Wisconsin birth records to Medicaid data, public school records, and social services information to evaluate maternal and child health strategies (primary investigator: Deborah Ehrenthal MD MPH). My primary research interests include maternal and child health epidemiology, health services and policy evaluation, social determinants of health, geographic health disparities, and epidemiologic methods for causal inference.

What do you hope/plan to do with your degree? I intend to pursue an academic research position upon completion of the PhD program.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? For updated information about my research, please visit my website: