Maria Kamenetsky

Credentials: PhD Epidemiology


Photo of Maria Kamenetsky

Year Started: 2016

Research/interests: Methods in spatial cluster detection and spatial epidmiology

Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Brief Interest Statement: I am interested in developing innovative data-driven research and bridging disciplines to tackle complex problems that affect our health and well-being. Specifically, my research focuses on statistical methods for spatial cluster detection in spatial epidemiology, with applications to broader health determinants.

What experiences in your life led you to study population/public health? I have always been interested in using data and sound methodology to address broad social good problems. Through a research assistantship, I was introduced to spatial statistics in public health and loved how it combines my interest in data analysis and statistics to applied problems that affect all of us. Health affects every single person individually, but also as a group or a community. Learning about these different layers has expanded my ideas of where further research in spatial epidemiology can really make an impact.

Why did you choose UW-Madison for your degree? Having attended UW-Madison as for my MS and BA, I know the rigor of coursework, supportive faculty and community, and many resources available to students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Additionally, I wanted to continue developing my research skills and work with interdisciplinary faculty here at UW.