Survey of the Health of Wisconsin (SHOW)

Principal Investigator: 

SHOW works to establish an infrastructure for an annual statewide survey of the health status and health-related needs of the population of Wisconsin. The program travels to 60 Wisconsin communities each year and gathers data on a wide variety of health conditions and exposures, as well as on health care access and utilization so as to provide a comprehensive and current picture of the health of state residents.
The survey serves as a primary resource for public health researchers and stakeholders statewide by providing objectively collected data on health status and health needs on an annual basis. The wide variety of data and bio-samples that SHOW collects over the years will be made available as a public use resource to qualified researchers and stakeholders. Additionally, SHOW is also a resource for ancillary, nested and contract studies statewide.
The SHOW research project is modeled after the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which has provided key health information about the nation’s health for over 40 years. With the launch of SHOW, Wisconsin will be the first state to monitor the health of its residents with a survey of this magnitude.
SHOW is one of a number of projects supported by the Wisconsin Partnership for a Healthy Future, which represents a far-reaching commitment by UW School of Medicine and Public Health to greatly improve the health of people in Wisconsin for years to come.