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PHS Preventive Medicine Resident Describes the "Epidemic of Despair in America"

Elizabeth Stein, MD, MS, at the American College of Preventive Medicine Annual Meeting in Portland, May 2017

The unfavorable recent trends in premature death rate among non-Hispanic Whites outside large urban areas were primarily caused by self-destructive health behaviors likely related to underlying social and economic factors in these communities, as reported in a recent article by PHS Preventive Medicine Resident, Elizabeth Stein. Her co-authors are: Keith Gennuso, PhD, Lead Scientist for the UW Population Health Institute's County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program; Donna Ugboaja, UW-Madison medical student; and Patrick Remington, MD, MPH, Professor of Population Health Sciences and Associate Dean for Public Health.

The Epidemic of Despair Among White Americans: Trends in the Leading Causes of Premature Death, 1999-2015, American Journal of Public Health,, October 2017, Vol 107, No 10.


Preventive Medicine Residents (2016-2017) and Program Faculty