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MPH Faculty

MPH Public Health Program Faculty UW-Madison faculty or academic staff who contribute substantively to the MPH program through teaching and service are appointed as MPH Program Faculty. Appointments are reviewed on an annual basis. MPH Program Faculty are:
  • Core Course and Seminar Directors
  • MPH Committee Members (Steering, Curriculum, Admissions, etc)
  • Other University-based individuals contributing significantly to teaching or service

Person Headshot

Henry Anderson, MD

Adjunct Professor, Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Phone: (608) 263-7713

Marvin Birnbaum, MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Anne Bradford Harris, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Phone: (608) 263-5796

Michelle Buelow MD, MPH

TRIUMPH Associate Director, Public Health Faculty Associate

Bridget B Catlin, PhD, MHSA

Senior Scientist
Phone: (608) 263-1947

James Conway, MD

Professor (CHS)
Phone: (608) 265-6488

Byron Crouse, MD

Associate Dean, Professor
Phone: (608) 265-6727

Sarah Davis

Clinical Assistant Professor
Phone: (608) 265-6267

Lori DiPrete-Brown, MSPH

Clinical Asst. Professor

Barbara Duerst, MS

MPH Deputy Director
Phone: (608) 263-4215

Maureen Durkin, PhD, DrPH

Chair, Population Health Sciences, Professor of Population Health Sciences and Pediatrics, Waisman Center Investigator
Phone: (608) 263-7507

Mark Edgar, PhD, MPH

Phone: (608) 265-4787

Corinne D. Engelman, MSPH, PhD

Associate Professor, Vice Chair, Department of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 265-5491

Elizabeth Feder, PhD

Phone: (608) 261-1907

Ismor Fischer, PhD

Phone: (608) 262-3851

Tracy Flood, MD

Associate Scientist
Phone: (608) 263-1763, (608) 265-2005

John Frey, MD

Professor Emeritus
Phone: (608) 263-4550

Donna Friedsam, MPH

Phone: (608) 263-4881

Meg Gaines, JD

Clinical Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affiars and Experiental Learning
Phone: (608) 265-6267

Ronald E. Gangnon, PhD

Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, Department of Statistics (Affiliate)
Phone: (608) 265-0688

Cindy Haq, MD

Phone: (608) 263-6546

Marilyn Haynes Brokopp, MS, RN, APHN-BC

Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: (608) 265-4248

Mary Hayney, PharmD, MPH

Professor (CHS)
Phone: (608) 265-4666

Paul Hunter, MD

Marty Kanarek, PhD, MPH

Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 263-1626

Paul Kelleher, PhD

Assistant Professor
Phone: (608) 263-8561

Kristen Malecki, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 262-0739, (608) 890-3720

Amy Meinen, MPH, RD

Phone: (608) 265-2005

Paul Moberg, PhD

Phone: (608) 263-1304

Ken Mount

Associate Dean for Finance
Phone: (608) 263-4938

Thomas R. Oliver, PhD, MHA

Phone: (608) 262-6731

Nancy Pandhi, MD, MPH, PhD

Phone: (608) 262-8309

Jonathan Patz, MD, MPH

Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences, Director, Global Health Institute
Phone: (608) 262-4775

Paul Peppard, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 262-2680

Caitlin Pepperell, MD

Assitant Professor
Phone: (608) 262-5983

Patrick Remington, MD, MPH

Associate Dean for Public Health, Director, UW-Madison Preventive Medicine Residency Program, Professor of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 263-1745

Gordon T. Ridley, MHA

Adjunct Professor of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 279-5799

Jeanette Roberts, PhD, MPH

Dean, Professor
Phone: (608) 890-3338

Ajay K Sethi, PhD, MHS

MPH Faculty Program Director, Associate Professor , Department of Population Health Sciences
Phone: (608) 263-1756

Debra Siegenthaler, RN, MSN

Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone: (608) 263-3036

Kirstin Siemering, DrPH, RD


Kurt Sladky, DVM, MS

Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: (608) 262-8818

Karen Solheim, RN, PhD

Clinical Professor
Phone: (608) 263-5176

Lisa Steinkamp, PT, MS, MBA

Faculty Associate
Phone: (608) 263-9427

Geoffrey Swain, MD, MPH

Professor (CHS)
Phone: (414) 286-8172

Amy Trentham-Dietz, PhD

Professor of Population Health Sciences, Program Leader, Cancer Control Program, Carbone Cancer Center
Phone: (608) 265-4175

Geoffrey Wallace, PhD

Phone: (608) 265-6025

Mark Wegner, MD, MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (608) 267-3835