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Linn Jennings

Graduate Student in the MS Population Health program since 2016


Santa Barbara, CA


Brief Interest Statement: I am an MS student in Population Health. I am interested in health outcomes research and shared decision making between patients and providers. I am a research assistant for Dr. Pitt, and I am working on her thyroid cancer treatment research project looking at how patients and providers make decisions about treatment for their thyroid cancer.

What experiences in your life led you to study population/public health? I earned my BA in Environmental Studies at Mount Holyoke College. My undergraduate thesis focused on the implications of climate change on ragweed/hay fever allergies. After college, I decided to continue to pursue my interest in the connection between environment and health, and I worked for a post-doc at the UW Madison Population Health Institute on a project about the impact of perceived discrimination in college on long-term health outcomes. I became passionate about understanding what factors determine health outcomes on and individual and population level, and I decided to pursue an M.S. in population health to gain more knowledge and research experience in health outcomes and health service research.