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Campus Address: 

Room 787 WARF
610 Walnut Street
Madison, WI 53726

Campus Phone Number: 
(608) 265-5410

John Mullahy, PhD

  • Professor


John Mullahy is Professor of Health Economics in the Department of Population Health Sciences, Affiliate Professor at the La Follette School of Public Affairs, Co-Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program, and Co-Director of the NIMH training program in Health and Mental Health Economics, all at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Professor Mullahy is also Honorary Professor of Economics at NUI Galway and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He currently serves as Co-Editor of Health Economics. Professor Mullahy received his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia and his BA in Economics magna cum laude from Georgetown University. He did postdoctoral work in health economics at Yale University. Professor Mullahy's research interests include the evaluation of health interventions, comparative effectiveness analysis, analysis of patterns of healthcare spending and costs, health-related behaviors, and the applications of econometric methods to health economics and health policy analysis.


  • American Society of Health Economists

Recent Honors/Awards

  • Plenary Speaker, HESG Manchester (2016)
  • Keynote Speaker, Padova Health Econometrics Workshop (2014)
  • Keynote Speaker, Canadian Health Economists Study Group, Victoria, BC (2014)
  • Keynote Speaker, Siena Health Econometrics Workshop (2012)
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Department of Population Health Sciences (2010)
  • Keynote Speaker, Portuguese Health Economics Association, Porto (2009)

Select Publications

Mullahy J. Marginal Effects in Multivariate Probit Models. Empirical Economics (E-pub, 2016).

Mullahy J. Estimation of Multivariate Probit Models via Bivariate Probit. Stata Journal 2016; 16: 37-51.

Mullahy J. Multivariate Fractional Regression Estimation of Econometric Share Models. Journal of Econometric Methods 2015; 4: 71-100.

Antillon M, Lauderdale D, Mullahy J. Sleep Behavior and Unemployment Conditions. Economics and Human Biology 2014; 14: 22-32.

Mullahy J and Robert S. No Time to Lose: Time Constraints and Physical Activity in the Production of Health. Review of Economics of the Household 2010; 8: 409-432.

Mullahy J. Live Long, Live Well: Quantifying the Health of Heterogeneous Populations. Health Economics 2001; 10: 429-440.

Manning W and Mullahy J. Estimating Log Models: To Transform or Not to Transform? Journal of Health Economics 2001; 20: 461-494.

Stinnet A and Mullahy J. Net Health Benefits: A New Framework for the Analysis of Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. Medical Decision Making 1998; 18: S68-S80.

Mullahy J. Instrumental-Variable Estimation of Count Data Models: Applications to Models of Cigarette Smoking Behavior. Review of Economics and Statistics 1997; 79: 586-593.

Mullahy J. Heterogeneity, Excess Zeros, and the Structure of Count Data Models. Journal of Applied Econometrics 1997; 12: 337-350.