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Financing Your Education

Tuition and fees

Students can find tuition and fee information by term, student career, and credit load through the Office of the Registrar.

Assistantships, Traineeships and Fellowships

Students admitted to our degree programs are automatically considered for any available scholarships, traineeships, or graduate assistant positions in the department. However, students are also encouraged to explore their own funding opportunities. Unlike many departments, we do not have a policy of admitting only students for whom we have initial funding. We do our best to help students finance their education and are most successful with providing funding to PhD admits. Potential funding opportunities are considered during the admissions review process but funding decisions continue to be made throughout the spring and summer.

It has been found that if you are not offered or do not find funding the first year and you do well in the program, there is a good chance you will be able to find funding for the subsequent year(s).

International applicants must submit a financial statement to the Graduate School which shows sufficient funds to completely support themselves.

The most common forms of funding support for our students are assistantships, traineeships, and fellowships offered on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. There is no central clearinghouse for posting and filling the many assistantship opportunities that exist across campus. Some openings are filled through a formal application process, through informal networking channels or by departmental/faculty initiative. Students may wish to consider some of the following approaches when seeking assistantships:

  • Check all sources of postings for campus positions, including The UW Student Job Center, GradConnections newsletter and listservs.
  • Network with faculty, mentors, staff support people (such as Departmental Assistants, Center Directors, office managers, etc.), and other graduate students in areas where you may possess appropriate skills, teaching experience, and/or technical expertise. Such individuals are most likely to be aware of openings that may be filled. In addition, they might be aware of the colleagues' needs or new grant opportunities. They may have other ideas to guide you in your search.
  • Do not limit yourself to the Department of Population Health Sciences. Our students frequently possess experience, training, and expertise that may satisfy needs for appointments in other departments/centers.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Departmental Scholarships and Honors

Campus-Wide Student Scholarships and Honors

Financial Aid and Other Funding Sources