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Event Date: 

Monday, February 19, 2018 - 12:00pmAssistant Professor, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University

Event Location: 

1335 Health Sciences Learning Center

Contact Info: 

Rosalind Bendix-Lewis, (608) 265-0516

PHS Monday Seminar: Shaneda Warren Andersen, PhD "Modifiable Risk Factors, Genetic Loci, and Cancer Risk"


Breast and colorectal cancers are commonly diagnosed cancers and major causes of cancer-related mortality. Evidence from epidemiologic studies suggests that risks of breast and colorectal cancers are influenced by modifiable risk factors, such as circulating levels of vitamin D and adiposity. However, the biological mechanisms driving the observed population-level associations are not yet clear.
In the seminar, Dr. Warren Andersen will discuss her current studies that use molecular and genetic epidemiologic methods to elucidate the association between 1) vitamin D status and colorectal cancer risk, and 2) the association between adiposity and breast cancer risk. Results of these studies can be applied to identify populations of individuals who may most benefit from tailored cancer prevention strategies.

Health Sciences Learning Center