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Event Date: 

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 12:00pm

Event Location: 

1345 Health Sciences Learning Center

Contact Info: 

Rosalind Bendix-Lewis, (608) 265-0516

PHS Monday Seminar: Paul Peppard, PhD, "You burn more calories while awake, but gain weight if you get insufficient sleep. What’s up with that? – An investigation of sleep and body weight in the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort and SHOW"

Informal Summary:

There is accumulating experimental and cross-sectional epidemiologic evidence that inadequate and disrupted sleep are potent contributors to unhealthy weight gain in children and adults. However, robust longitudinal investigations linking high-quality multi-dimensional sleep assessments with unhealthy weight and body composition outcomes are almost non-existent. Evidence of associations between subjectively and objectively measured sleep with body weight and composition in adults and children using data from both the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study and the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin will be presented. Mechanisms linking sleep to body weight will be discussed.

Health Sciences Learning Center