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Event Date: 

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 12:00pm

Event Location: 

1345 Health Sciences Learning Center

Contact Info: 

Rosalind Bendix-Lewis, (608) 265-0516

PHS Monday Seminar: Mark Craven, PhD "Inferring Host-Pathogen Interactions from Diverse Data Sources"


Insight into the mechanisms and context of host-pathogen interactions can be gained by applying computational methods to a broad range of experimental, observational, and secondary data sources. I will discuss our work in several studies that involve developing and applying predictive methods in order to characterize host-pathogen interactions. In the first study, we are focused on inferring host subnetworks that are involved in viral replication from genome-wide loss-of-function experiments. In the second study, we are applying machine-learning methods to understand how variation in the genome of the HSV-1 virus influences multiple ocular disease phenotypes in a host. In the third study, we are investigating the extent to which risk for various infectious disease phenotypes can be predicted from electronic health records by using machine-learning methods.

Health Sciences Learning Center

Supplemental Materials: 
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