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Campus Address: 

Room 701 WARF
610 Walnut Street
Madison, WI 53726

Campus Phone Number: 
(608) 263-2082
Fax Number: 
(608) 263-2820

Eva DuGoff, PhD, MPP

  • Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences


Eva DuGoff is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences. She researches issues related to care coordination among older adults with multiple chronic conditions, methodological issues in pay for performance measures, and multimorbidity trajectories. Her research aims to identify opportunities for policymakers to improve health outcomes in the United States, especially for older adults with multiple chronic conditions.

Dr. DuGoff earned her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, Master's in Public Policy from George Washington University, and PhD from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. From 2008 to 2009, she worked for Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) on issues relating to Medicare, Medicaid, health care reform, health information technology, and rural health.


  • AcademyHealth
  • Gerontological Society of America
  • American Public Health Association

Recent Honors/Awards

  • 2015 - Delta Omega Honor Society
  • 2014 - Marilyn Bergner Award in Health Services Research

Select Publications

DuGoff EH, Fernandes-Taylor S, Rohe K, Pollack CE. Putting the 'Network' in Network Adequacy. Health Affairs Blog, Available at:

Pollack CE, Blackford AL, Schoenborn NL, Boyd CM, Peairs KS, DuGoff EH. Comparing Prognostic Tools for Cancer Screening: Considerations for Clinical Practice and Performance Assessment. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Accepted.

Anderson GF, Ballreich J, Salzburg C, Bleich S, Boyd CM, DuGoff EH, Leff B, Davis K. Attributes Common to Programs that Successfully Treat High Need/High Cost Individuals. American Journal of Managed Care November 2014.

Roberts ET, DuGoff EH, Swedler D, Heins SH, Feldman D, Wegener ST, Trujillo A, Canudas-Romo, V, Castillo RC, Anderson GF. Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines: Does it Hasten Return to Work? Health Services Research September 2015.

DuGoff EH, Canudas-Romo V, Buttorff CB, Leff B, Anderson GF. Multiple Chronic Conditions and Life Expectancy: A Life Table Analysis. Medical Care 2014 Aug; 52(8): 688-94.

Segal JB, DuGoff EH. Building Blocks for Measuring Care Coordination with Claims Data. Population Health Management Epub 2014 March 7.

DuGoff EH, Bekelman J, Stuart EA, Armstrong K, Pollack CE. Surgical Quality is More than Volume: The Association Between Changing Urologists and Complications for Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer. Health Services Research 2014 Aug; 49(4): 1165-83. Epub 2014 Jan 24.

DuGoff EH, Dy SM, Giovanetti E, Leff, B, Boyd, CM. Setting Standards at the Forefront of Delivery System Reform: Aligning Care Coordination Quality Measures for Multiple Chronic Conditions. Journal of Healthcare Quality 2013 Sep; 35(5): 58-69.

DuGoff EH, Stuart EA, Schuler, M. Generalizing Propensity Score Results: Applying Matching Methods to Complex Survey Data. Health Services Research 2013 Jul; 48(4): 1227-1550.