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Correctional Program Evaluations

Principal Investigator(s): 

UWPHI and its predecessor the Center for Health Policy and Program Evaluation (CHPPE) has collaborated on a variety of research and evaluation projects focusing on behavioral health of criminal justice and correctional populations during the past 20 years. Collaborators have included the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance, and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Recent projects have included policy and practice evaluations of the WI Department of Corrections Earned Release Program, of probation/parole revocation, and evaluation of numerous drug treatment court and offender diversion projects statewide, including the seven Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program sites. UWPHI has provided technical assistance with policy and treatment issues to state, county, and local agencies for more than 15 years, leading program evaluation and evaluation research projects examining a variety of correctional substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, education, and employment programs. Kit Van Stelle, M.S., Researcher, has led much of this work.