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PhD Program
Credits: 48 Required (minimum).  No more than 6 credits of 699 may be applied toward the degree.
Dissertation: Required; Number of credits varies, but no more than 11 PHS 990 credits may be applied toward the degree.
Seminar: 2 credits (PHS 820, Graduate Seminar, 1 cr.; take for credit twice)
  • Full-time students are expected to attend and to participate in the Monday and Wednesday Seminars.
  • Departmental and Graduate Seminars each semester.
  • Part-time students are expected to attend and participate during at least one semester each year.
  • All doctoral students are expected to enroll (for credit) in Seminar twice; first in the fourth semester (or its equivalent for part-time students) of attendance and during one additional semester. Ph.D. students must present their research in order to receive seminar credit.

Required Core Courses, 12-14 cr:

PHS 794, Biological Basis of Population Health (2 cr) Fall
[required for students without a bio-medical science background, self-test]
PHS 795, Principles of Population Health Science (3 cr) Fall
PHS 796, Introduction to Health Services Research (3 cr) Spring
PHS 797, Introduction to Epidemiology (3 cr) Fall
PHS 798, Epidemiologic Methods
(3 cr) Spring

Statistics Courses, 9 cr:

PHS 551, Introduction to Biostatistics, or equivalent (3 cr.) Fall

PHS 552, Regression Methods for Population Health (3 cr) Spring (Previously PHS 800)
PHS 651, Advanced Regression Methods for Population Health
(3 cr.) Fall (Previously PHS 900)


PHS 451, Introduction To SAS Programming for Population Heath   (1 cr)

Medical Ethics: (one of the following courses is required):

MED HIST 545, Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Investigation (1 cr) Fall

MED HIST 559 Ethics and History of Medicine (3 cr)  Fall & Spring

MED HIST 734, Graduate Studies in Medical Ethics (1 cr) Taught periodically
NURSING 802, Ethics and Conduct of Research (1 cr) Spring
MED HIST 728, Bioethics and Society (3cr) Spring

Electives/Concentration Courses: Varies

PhD Minor:

Minimum of 10 Graduate Level Credits