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589 WARF
610 Walnut
Madison, WI 53726

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John's Research/Interests

John Mullahy, PhD

  • Professor


John Mullahy is an economist who specializes in health economics. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Professor Mullahy is professor of Population Health Sciences, co-director of the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars Program, affiliate professor at the LaFollette School of Public Affairs, co-director of graduate training at the Center for Demography and Ecology, and co-director of the NIMH-supported predoctoral T32 training program in Health and Mental Health Economics. Professor Mullahy is also an Honorary Professor of Economics at NUI-Galway and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He currently serves as Co-Editor of Health Economics and Associate Editor of the Journal of Health Economics. Professor Mullahy was a founding board member of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon).
Professor Mullahy received his PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia (1985) and his BA in Economics magna cum laude from Georgetown University (1979), where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He did postdoctoral work in health economics at Yale University. Professor Mullahy's previous appointments have been as an assistant/associate professor of Economics at Trinity College (CT), a lecturer in Economics, Public Health, and Organization and Management at Yale University, and a fellow at Resources for the Future. Professor Mullahy's research interests include the evaluation of health interventions, comparative effectiveness analysis, analysis of patterns of healthcare spending and costs, health-related behaviors and time use, and the applications of econometric methods to problems in health economics and health policy analysis.


  • American Society of Health Economists
  • American Economic Association
  • International Health Economics Association

Recent Honors/Awards

  • 2002 Arrow Award from International Health Economics Association
  • 2009 Keynote speaker at Portuguese Health Economics Association
  • 2005 Keynote speaker Australian Health Economics Society Annual Meeting
  • 2000 Keynote Speaker European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics
  • Served on Masterclass Faculty of the EU's Marie Curie Training Program in Applied Health Economics
  • 2009 Visiting scholar at University of New York
  • 2005 Visiting scholar at Univeristy of College Dublin

Select Publications

Mullahy J. "Econometric Modeling of Health Care Costs and Expenditures: A Survey of Analytical Issues and Related Policy Considerations." Medical Care (2009).

Enami K, and Mullahy J. "Tobit at Fifty: A Brief History of Tobin's Remarkable Estimator, of Related Empirical Methods, and of Limited Dependent Variable Econometrics in Health Economics." Health Economics (2009).

Mullahy J. "Live Long, Live Well: Quantifying the Health of Heterogeneous Populations." Health Economics 10: 429-440 (2001).

Manning W, and Mullahy J. "Estimating Log Models: To Transform or Not to Transform?" Journal of Health Economics 20: 461-494 (2001).

Mullahy J. "It'll Only Hurt a Second? Microeconomic Determinants of Who Gets Flu Shots." Health Economics 8: 9-24 (1999).

Mullahy J. "Much Ado About Two: Reconsidering Retransformation and the Two-Part Model in Health Econometrics." Journal of Health Economics 17: 247-281 (1998).

Stinnett A, and Mullahy J. "Net Health Benefits: A New Framework for the Analysis of Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis." Medical Decision Making 18: S68-S80 (1998).

Mullahy J. "Instrumental-Variable Estimation of Count Data Models: Applications to Models of Cigarette Smoking Behavior" Review of Economics and Statistics 79: 586-593 (1997).

Mullahy J. "Heterogeneity, Excess Zeros, and the Structure of Count Data Models." Journal of Applied Econometrics 12: 337-350 (1997).

Mullahy J, and Sindelar J. "Employment, Unemployment, and Problem Drinking." Journal of Health Economics 15: 409-435 (1996) (Reprinted in The Economics of Health Behaviors, J.H. Cawley and D.S. Kenkel Eds., Elgar Publishers, 2008).

Mullahy J. "Specification and Testing of Some Modified Count Data Models." Journal of Econometrics 33: 341 365 (1986).